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, , Windows Mac OS. , OS X . , , apple - , , . Mac OS X Windows.

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windows , 15 :)

, iMac 27, 2011 4 , 1 Core i5 2,7 . , 4 . 2 ( Photoshop Illustrator) , . ʠ apple . 2 kingston 4 2 2 .   12 , 1600 . Ѡ 10 , .

Mac OX windows-.   .

Total Commander.
ftp OS X → Transmit
, . 堗 ftp . . , . , . total commander.

Renamer, , - , .

. 頗 TextWrangler. .
Sublime Text 2. , . Mac OX, windows linux.

MindManager. ʠ Mac OS , - .   xMind .
mindMeister. , , , IPad iPhone.

css ࠗ Stylizer.
css . mac . Ƞ . , , . css firebug firefox, stylizer.

. 10-15 FTP 100 : , , , , . ? , , ftp , css . , css, , , . !!!! 5 .

  Stylizer , 1000 , css 1 .

Stylizer , , . , ctrl + s. ! mac OS.

  Chrome, apple Safari. . magic mouse, , , . Google Chrome .

icq QIP, . OS X .
apple, , icq mac OS . - QIP. 렗 Adium, .

skype OS X . , .   . ICQ. , , , , . ... - , .

, Mac OS iPhone iPad. , , .

image tuner . , . Windows. Batch photoshop .   , .

Ѡ Mac OS . , , Reeder, Sparrow. Wunderlist , windows. Skitch , - . .
apple   mac os x    
      Ctrl       LifeStyle , -


MindManager concept draw.
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